This is an introductory discussion which should be of interest for any scientists and even for common layman and therefore the distribution list includes both chemists and physicists.

The sequel is going to be addressed only to physicists as far more elaborate experiments and ideas about time are to be debated.

This newsletter present and exemplify a series of postulates which are going to form the foundation of the future theory of relativity.

The last section is the most important because it describes how the research is going to be organized in the future. For about a century the science is going to be a private endeavor and any public or private institution which wants to use the proposed theory as a foundation has to apply for a license.


Postulate no. 1: Clocks are devices which, based on periodicity of a physical phenomenon, measure a time interval (or time duration).

Postulate no. 2: Any physical phenomenon is subject to some perturbations factors which affect its characteristics. As consequence any clock indication is relative and expresses the local specific conditions where the periodic physical phenomenon (used for time interval measurement) unfolds.

 Corollary no. 1: Clocks never measure time.

Corollary no. 2: Gravitation cannot affect time.   

Corollary no. 3: Relative differences between clocks indications do not place an observer in the future and another one is in the past.

Postulate 3: Any event, which takes place in Universe at a certain location and at a certain moment of time, needs a temporal agent to communicate this information to a hypothetically observer. Common temporal messengers are sounds (wave pressure), photons (infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma rays) and electromagnetic waves (radio, microwave, terahertz waves).

Postulate 4: The universe and its events, processes, etc. represent an objective reality, irrespective of the existence of temporal agents and/or observers.

Postulate 5: Contrary to an electromagnetic wave speed which is constant into a certain homogenous medium, photon speed depends on source motion, observer motion and characteristics of traveled medium.

Postulate 6: The purpose of a true theory of relativity is to describe the objective reality and make it understandable for various observers who are usually in different states of motion.

Postulate 7: An observer moving with a speed greater than time discriminator speed cannot see the future or the past of the events.

Postulate 8: The moment  ,,acum” on Earth is the moment ,,acum” everywhere in the known Universe. ,,Acum” means now or present moment in Romanian language.

Corollary no. 1: Time unfolds with the same pace everywhere in the known universe.

Corollary no. 2: Simultaneity of events has an absolute character.


For the fanatics of special theory of relativity, I further recommend reading the Henri Bergson writings and especially the booklet ,,Durée et simultanéité”; some of his ideas are still valid…

 I quote from his writings:

 “When our eyes follow on the face of a clock, the movement of the needle that corresponds to the oscillations of the pendulum, I do not measure duration, as one would think; I simply count simultaneities, which is quite different.”

Clocks…“They would be bits of machinery with which we would amuse ourselves by comparing them with one another.”

It is a pity that a lot of scientists transformed themselves into clowns and pop up on the scene and amuse common people with their aberrant and perplexing ideas about time and space.




A couple of weeks ago I started looking for some institutions (universities and research centers) interested to promote/sustain my theory.

Analyzing my email delivery statistics, I have seen that from US, John Hopkins University and Caltech did not ban my emails so they were in the pole position for becoming a partner and promoter for this theory. Unfortunately they did not answer to my email so the offer expired for them.

A third letter with the same topic was sent to MIT. I thought MIT is the ,,lost son from the bible” and sometimes converted sinners can become good preachers.

MIT banned many newsletters in the past, but last newsletter about Photoelectric effect and how physicists reinvented chemistry for the second time seemed to arrive at their recipients. Unfortunately, after sending them my offer, they banned again the ongoing delivery so only about 250 people from MIT opened the newsletter. They received my answer with the consequences of their actions.

These institutions, which already received an individual letter, are excluded from pool.

Any institution which banned the distribution of my newsletters is excluded from the pool until further clarifications.  

The competition is open mainly for small and medium institutions which want to make history.

It is not compulsory for the science of the future to be written in English as lingua franca or in another language with Latin characters….

The rule for selecting the partners is very simple: first come, first accepted; it is possible that more institutions from the same country get accepted based on a hierarchic structure with first institution accepted as leader and coordinator.

The offer is valid for a week in what we call terrestrial time, considered from the moment the email lands in your individual inbox; for relativists the offer is as longer as they wish, but at change of reference frame to an Earth observer the deadline is the same.  

For correspondence it is better to use the emails published on the main website I expect to be contacted by interested institutions or individuals.

For those who want to continue spending public money keeping the present line of research I remind them my advice published in newsletter distributed in December 2016:

Please try to not start new and expensive research projects following the present line of research. By sure, your nation will not be happy with this endeavor!

In the future, someone is going to be made responsible for these mad expenses made for absurd researches.

Each further newsletter is going to be delivered from a different domain; the main domain was sabotaged all the time and it was complicate for me to fight even with my internet service provider.

The users’ tables are uploaded in small chunks so if the delivery is sabotaged again, this fact is going to affect only a small number of potential readers.

There is a drawback though: I have to unsubscribe manually the users from the original tables, after they unsubscribe online. Please be gentle in case of errors. I try to do my best!!!

In any case, none wants to bother your tranquility if you are not interested in this new theory of science.

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